Wall Letters Decoration

I would definitely consider myself more “crafty” than “artsy!”  When it comes to drawing and painting (other than walls or a few basic shapes) it is clear that I do not poses gifts in those areas.  This was confirmed in teaching E.S.L for several years through all the giggles and snickers I heard as I tried to give my students “visuals” for unfamiliar words. “What is that?” they would ask in their broken English.

 This summer after we moved, I was looking for a couple new decorating ideas for our boys’ new bedrooms.  I knew I wanted something that could “grow” along with them and change just as they will. My boys and I were over for a play-date, when my friend was in the process of hanging letters spelling out her daughter’s name that they had received as a baby gift. The patterns were so bright and fun; they also added great simple accent to a monochromatic room. So, as many teachers do,  I took the idea and made it my own.

Creating your own Wall Letters Decoration: 

1. Materials needed: Letters, Scrapbook paper, sissors, ribbon, glue stick, hot glue or staple gun.

Notes: I bought the letters I needed from a craft store. They had several sizes made out of a variety of materials. I chose wood letters, because they were the most sturdy and I would be able to change them as my boys grow older. You could also make your own out of cardboard if you desired. I also used a package of scrapbook paper rather than choosing individual sheets because I loved that there were so many different patterns/prints that all used the same color scheme. 

This was the package of scrapbook paper I chose. 

2. Next I selected a paper for each letter; laying them out to be sure the order was the way I wanted.

3. For each letter, I laid the paper pattern side up  and laid the letter then face down on top of the paper. I then very lightly (with a pencil) traced the letter onto the paper, cut out the letter, and then glued it (with a glue stick) onto the wooden letter.

Note: The reason for using the glue stick is so that as my boys get older, I can let them select paper that matches their interests at that time. 

4. For hanging, I simply chose to use ribbon. I looped the ribbon and secured the ends with a stapler! (Haha! That sounds very much like me… it was the first thing I saw.)  Next time, I would probably use my hot glue gun (but that’s what you get trying to be crafty when some of your things are still in moving boxes). :)


5. So simple, but so cute! I love the patterns the scrapbook paper has to offer too! This is a great gift for a baby shower, birthday present, or just because. You could also do initials or even one letter representing a first or last name. I hope you love your finished product as much as we do!


  1. Scrapbook paper is just genius! I painted my son’s letters, but since I’m not artistic either they are just plain colors. I’ll have to remember this for baby showers now that the pattern ideas are endless.

  2. I’m going to be doing this in Charlotte & Naomi’s new, shared big girl room soon! I love the idea of the scrapbook paper instead of painting!

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