Less Than One Month To Go!


It’s crazy to think that one month from now (assuming there are no complications) we are going to be in Cuenca! While we have enjoyed the last couple of months, getting ready and taking care of things before leaving, it’s hard to believe that there is so little time left, and seemingly a ton of […]

Carnival Magic- The Ending to a Great Week!

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On Sunday, the Carnival Magic docked in Galveston to end our cruise. It was an exciting and fun filled week. To say that the Magic is a fun ship would be an understatement. The last two days at sea we were able to relax and enjoy the leisure time we had as we made our […]

Day 5 on Carnival Magic


Isla Roatan was the third and final shore excursion day on our journey aboard the Carnival Magic. Like our stop in Belize, we decided to book an excursion that we found online in order for Little Brother to be able to participate. Again, we were not disappointed with the results! Docking in Mahogany Bay was […]

Day 4 on Carnival Magic

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In planning our Carnival Magic cruise excursions ahead of time, we noticed that there were not a lot of options for families with children 3 years old. Most of them were beach trips, which are nice, but having done that for Cozumel, we wanted to be a little more adventurous. So we looked online and […]

Day 3 on Carnival Magic


Cozumel was our first shore day of our Carnival Magic cruise. We woke up excited to go on our shore excursion, a Powered Catamaran trip to a Family Friendly Beach on Isla Pasión. We decided, since we were novice cruisers that our first excursion would be best done through Carnival. The upside to doing the […]

Day 2 on Carnival Magic


As we awoke on our first morning at sea on the Carnival Magic, “Where are we?” were the first words out of Big Brother’s mouth when he woke up this morning. Little Brother chimed in, “Are we in Louisiana?” (still thinking of our road trip from earlier in the Summer). With no land in sight, […]

Day 1 on Carnival Magic

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We arrived Sunday morning, early enough to be able to unload and park without having to feel rushed. The day that we boarded, there were two cruise ships in port at Galveston, the Carnival Magic and another cruise ship. That meant that there were between 4,000 and 5,000 people exiting each ship and the same […]

Preparing and Packing for Your Carnival Cruise

Preparing and Packing for Your Carnival Cruise- Cheerios and Lattes

Timing is everything. We often hear this said and believe it to be true, but I can’t express how true this statement is when it comes to our Carnival Cruise vacation this Summer. We needed a fun, relaxing vacation together as a family and were excited my parents decided to join us! Unfortunately, after loosing our […]

A Note to My Blogger Friends…

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A year ago, I was fighting all day nausea and fatigue as I finished the first trimester of pregnancy with Zoe. I was struggling to post 2-3 times a week and was so dissapointed that I couldn’t ‘keep up’ with blogging. I had worked so hard for two years to get Cheerios and Lattes to […]

The Battle of Moving On- Two Months Later

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Guilt does not come from God. This is something I have to keep reminding myself over the past two months. The guilt I’ve been battling thankfully doesn’t come from the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s, as we are well aware that those, can be a slippery slope. The guilt I’ve been battling, is that of moving on. […]