Fine Motor Skill Activities- #6 Line Mazes (with free printables)

This is the perfect activity to play while waiting in the doctor’s office, to entertain your child at a restaurant, or as a calm activity before bed. I love playing with my sons, but also love to share ideas with my husband and let him play them with our boys. He is such a great dad and a great encourager to them. My husband and oldest son had a great time playing “Line Mazes” together! I took pictures while they laughed and challenged each other. It was the perfect activity to play after bath time while my son was calming down before he went to bed.

My husband really enjoyed this and was excited to see my son’s improvements while playing, that told me that he would help me create Line Maze printables to share with my readers! What a great guy, huh!?! So, if you would like to use printable Line Mazes and have them on-hand you are more than welcome to download and print them below. Another great idea that I’ve seen a lot of moms doing lately, are printing activity pages off, placing them in plastic page protectors, and creating reusable activity pages compatible with dry erase markers!


  • Any Writing Utensil (crayons, markers, or a pencil)
  • Any Writing Surface (paper, white board, chalkboard, a napkin, a receipt, scratch paper, or our FREE Line Maze printables(see below))


1. Give your child the challenge of drawing a line through your maze or “road” from one end to the other, without touching the sides.

(My son needed my husband to model and guide him in correct handwriting positioning.)

2. Begin with a wide maze, and then proceed into narrower mazes as your child is ready.

(He began to do really well on his own at both holding the crayon and drawing lines through the maze.)

3. Make it fun!

  • Use different colors
  • Reward with a “treat” (sticker, snack, or high-five) each time they complete a maze.
  • Create different mazes together, or have your children create mazes for one another.
  • ENCOURAGE them, show them their progress and how they are improving each time.

Free Line Maze Printables:

Castle Wall Lines                      V Lines

Lines                                             Waves


  1. This is a really good idea! I used to do this with my son. (I had to draw train tracks and his pencil was the train)

  2. I love this! It is so simple and yet so helpful. Thank you!

    I’d love if you’d like to link up to my Teaching Time for Toddlers post!

  3. Thanks for the printables! My prescooler will LOVE these “roads” :)

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