Gross Motor Skill Activities (36-48 months)

(36-48 months)

Sports Skills 

  1. Basketball- Teach your child to throw the ball into a basket (or a box) underhand and overhand. This will help develop their arm control and improve their arm strength.
  2. Soccer- Work with your child to kick the ball into the goal (or a box). Have them play “goalie” as you lightly kick the ball towards them have them block the ball from entering the goal. This will help improve their coordination, leg control, and balance.
  3. Football- Teach your child to throw a football. Show them how to kick a football into a goal (or a box). This will help improve their arm and leg control, and balance.
  4. Baseball- Play catch, tossing a ball to one another at a close distance. Begin to throw from a further distance as your child improves in their ability to catch the ball. Use a “Tee-ball” tee to help your child practice hitting the ball. This is help your child improve their coordination and arm control.
  5. High Jump- Place a block on the ground and have your child try to jump over it. Add another, then another, see how many blocks your child is able to jump over. You can also participate with them and make it a family challenge to improve the number of blocks you are able to jump over. This will improve their coordination, whole body control, and balance.

Games/Activities for Children & Adults to Play Together: 

  1. Simon Says. Simon says touch your toes. Simon says pat your head. Simon says shake your body. Pat your knees. Oh, did Simon say to pat your knees? This can improve body control, coordination, and not to mention listening skills (not a gross motor skill, but does anyone else like the idea of that!?!). :)
  2. Obstacle Course. Create an obstacle course for your children to crawl over, jump over, crawl under, stop to get a drink, walk on all fours…while following you! This is a great activity for working on whole body control, coordination. You can set up specific obstacles to develop specific skills your child needs to work on.
  3. Grocery Store. Airport. Train. What are your child’s favorite places to visit? Create them at home. Give everyone a job and set up a play area where they can use their imagination. This activity can improve whole body control, coordination, and balance depending on the activities set up.
  4. Parade. Pull out your musical instruments, turn up the music, grab the family pet, and march around the house. This is a great activity for whole body control, coordination (especially teaching marching steps), and balance.
  5. Musical Freeze. Play your child’s favorite CD and whenever you press pause everyone must stop dancing or playing. Press play and continue the fun. Show your child how to freeze in different positions. This activity will improve body control and balance as they freeze in different positions.
  6. Crocodile Swamp. Lay towels or pillows on the floor, use them to move from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor. Watch out! Crocodiles live in the “water” be sure to not touch the floor! This activity will work on balance, coordination, and body control.


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