How to Make Pom-Pom Decoration Tissue Balls

A friend of mine had these hanging in the corner of her baby’s nursery; they looked gorgeous and I told her she had to teach me how to make them! Luckly, she did, and I have been making them ever since. Many party stores are beginning to sell these in their decoration aisles, but when you see how easy they are to make on your own, I don’t think you’ll ever buy them again! 


  • Tissue Paper (8 sheets of the same color)
  • Clear String/Fishing Line
  • Scissors

Directions for Making Pom-Pom Decoration Tissue Balls:

1. Open all tissue sheets, and lay them flat on top of each other.


2. Begin at the bottom  and fold the sheets up (in 1 inch thick sections). Then completely flip the sheets over to the backside and fold up again. Continue to do this flipping back and forth, until you run out of tissue paper. It is considered an accordian fold.


3. When you finish decide what type of look you want the ends to have. You can cut a moon shape (more elegant, as seen on the brown tissue ball) or more a more fun/less formal look with cutting a V off of the ends (as seen a the bottom on the blue and green tissue balls).

4. Next, secure the sheets together with a clear string/fishing line.

5. *Note: At this stage it is very helpful to have a second person to help you! Laying the tissue accordian on it’s side pull the top and bottom together. From here, you are going to begin on either the right or left side separating the sheets by pulling them apart and fluffing them. It is helpful to pull the top sheet toward the center, then from the back. Continue fluffing until you have created your Pom-Pom Decoration Ball!


6. You can hang the Pom-Pom Decoration Balls with the clear string by tying it to the center piece of string you tied in step 4, and then either taping or tying the other end to the ceiling.

Happy Decorating! :)






  1. Soooo Babushka! Mil Gracias.

  2. Ha! Guess what? I love the look but … remember how irritated I would get by doing those? :)

  3. I love these and definitely see making them in my near future! I also just subscribed to your excellent blog by email. Thanks!

  4. Jonnique says:

    I am pinning!!! Thanks so much!!! How did you make the other things hanging in the picture?

    • Jonnique,
      Those were “confetti strands” that I made out of fishing line and scrapbook paper. I simply cut circles and taped them together with the line running through the middle. Make sense? :) If you are interested I can post or email you closer up pictures. Thanks for stopping by Cheerios and Lattes! :)

  5. Oooo. What lovely party decor!! Love this! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. This is such a fun idea. I would love it if you would share how to make these on my new linky party Dare to Share.


  7. Thank you so much for linking these up to Dare to Share. I love them. I am going to feature them this week. Please come back to this weeks party and share so more of your fabulous ideas.


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