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This Week’s Featured Ingredient:


eggs in a row

Weekly Linkup Guidelines:

1. Follow the weekly host (Cheerios and Lattes) on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.

2. Link up only recipes that include EGGS! Any egg recipes you have; past or present! (Egg does not have to be the main ingredient!)

3.  Vote! The link up will end Saturday morning and voting will run from Saturday-Sunday evening! Be sure to stop by this weekend to vote, vote, vote!

4. Grab a party button!

(Iron Chef Mom link party will be live from Monday evening until the following Saturday morning. Feel free to link up recipes all week long, then stop by and vote on the weekend. You are welcome to encourage your readers to vote for your recipes as well!) 
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Last Week’s Iron Chef Mom…

Mature Spring Chick’s- Chocolate- Nutella Microwave Dessert

Congratulations Namaste! Please feel free to grab this button and wear is proudly!
iron chef mom 

Who Will Be This Week’s Iron Chef Mom?

Be sure to VOTE this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to determine who has the favorite Egg recipe! Stop by next week to see who will be named Iron Chef Mom as well as the top runner-ups. All top recipes will be pinned on our Iron Chef Mom Pinboard on Pinterest! 

Ready, Set, Cook!

Don’t forget to stop back by this weekend (running from Saturday morning to Sunday evening) to vote for your favorite tomato recipes! 
We hope to see you back next week on Iron Chef Mom, be sure to add the hosts on your social media so we can remind you where to find the party each week! 

Until then… start preparing your recipes! 



  1. Thanks for the reminder for Iron Chef Mom. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Thanks for hosting! :)

  3. Thank you for the email and for hosting! I linked up a tasty treat! Enjoy!

  4. How fun! I’m always looking for yummy new recipes to try!

  5. Thanks for hosting Mackenzie!

  6. I can’t get the button to work. :( When I cope and paste the code from the button page it just says something about …to see more visit Cheerios and Lattes.

  7. Thanks for hosting lovely!

  8. Hey Mackenzie,
    Thanks for hosting. This is a fun party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  9. Thanks Mackenzie!

    Not Your Average Super Moms!

  10. Thanks for the invite! :)

  11. It will be nice to give some old recipe new life, although I must apology for the quality of my images!

    Thanks for inviting me!

  12. Fun idea! I love eggs! I added my ham & cheese crescent wreath recipe that turned out AMAZING!

  13. So fun! Would love to partner with you on something like this in the future so keep me in mind! Thanks!

    Jen Rollins

  14. voting for 82, 88

  15. 31, 81

  16. French Toast Bake! 101!

  17. # 101 French Toast Bake.

  18. 16 & 80 :)

  19. Mmmm…the Goat Cheese and green onion tart #103

  20. Oh my goodness…that goat cheese and green onion tart looks FABULOUS! A sure winner!!! Voting #103

  21. Voting for 103!

  22. charlotte says:

    Voting for 101!

  23. Diane Urtel says:


  24. I vote for 101. It looks easy to make and delicious. I’m going to give it a try.

  25. 101 French Toast Bake nom nom nom !!!!

  26. 103!

  27. 15 & 30 – thank you for hosting :))

  28. 101 – we’re making a batch after this blizzard we got yesterday. staying warm!

  29. 103 — it’s the Place to Be! hello Yummy!

  30. Voting for #103 ~ The goat cheese and green onion tart looks delicious. Love that she made her own crust.

  31. I love my Mom’s French toast Bake! 101

  32. Mackenzie,

    Is it wrong to like my own recipe? 101 But I also want to make 36 and 61. This week is filled with some really great recipes. This challenge is really a fun way to experiment with new recipes!

    Be Blessed.

  33. I would like to vote for #103! Thanks, this is fun and look forward to visiting next time! Have a great Sunday!

  34. I have to go with #103 – and hmm just so happens I have everything I need to make it :-)

  35. I vote for 103 :) Get in my belly!

  36. 101 and 86! the both look great!

  37. Andrea Hughes says:

    French toast bake #101!!!!!!!! Yummm!!!!

  38. #101! Yummy!

  39. John Hughes says:


  40. Andrea Hughes says:

    # 101

  41. Polly Hughes says:

    Got to go with #101

  42. Jessica Kull says:

    Vote for 101!!

  43. I want to make 101.

    It looks delicious.

  44. I vote 103. Deliciousness.

  45. Im voting for #103

  46. 103!

  47. Voting for #103 … YUM!

  48. Voting for #103 :-)

  49. Voting for #103 …delish!! :-d

  50. Voting for 101 – French Toast Bake!!

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