Summer Bloom Wreath

Spring is in full bloom and Summer’s just around the corner! Our Easter Wreath has been on our front door way too long, so this weekend I made a fun, bright Spring/Summer Wreath to welcome the beginning of Summer! With smells of freshly cut grass and grills fired up around the neighborhood, days getting longer and bedtimes later… ‘Summer-itis’ is settling in on our home! 

Luckily my husband and I both work at the same private school and are finished next week; woot woot! This is almost a month earlier than when our Summers began when teaching in Southern California. We can’t wait for all the fun Summer brings to our home! We are excited about all sorts of fun things planned for this Summer and plenty of time to just relax and decide the day’s schedule in the moment; I love days when we have nothing planned and can plan something on a whim! How about you; what is your favorite way to ‘ring in Summer’? 

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  • 1-2 Moss Mats (click for example, available at your local craft store)  
  • Solid Wreath
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Artificial Filler Flowers Pieces
  • Hot Glue Gun


1. First cut your moss mat into approximately  2 inch strips. Beginning at the top of your wreath glue one end of a moss strip to your wreath, wrap around the wreath, and glue the other end.

cutting your moss mat

2. Continue wrapping moss strips around the wreath so that the sides are touching but not overlapping. Begin each new strip by budding up the ends to the previous moss strip. Continue until the entire wreath in covered.

*Note: A straw wreath was one of my only ‘solid wreath’ options, so I actually left the plastic on the wreath to keep all of the straw from falling off. I worked great and was very easy to glue the moss onto! 

wrapping a wreath with a moss mat

3. Remove your artificial flowers from the stems by cutting, and glue them into place on the wreath.

4. Next, embellish your flowers with filler pieces by cutting and gluing them around your focal flowers.

5. Finally, hang your wreath on your door or wall. If you are using a door hanger, you can simply cut a piece of moss and glue it over the door hanger loop showing on the front of your wreath. This is easy to remove when you change your wreath, as hot glue easily peels right off the door hanger!

hiding your wreath door hanger

Summer Bloom Wreath

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  1. Cute!! And that wreath with the monkey on it just made me smile!!
    xoxo, Claire

  2. So sweet and simple. I’m inspired. Thanks for the idea.

    Have a wonderful day. It is a perfect Spring day here! I’m in the garden.


  3. Gorgoues! Love it! Great tutorial. I love the…now you see it…now you don’t :)

  4. So cute! I’d love if you’d like up to The DIY’ers:


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