Saturday Show & Tell #61

FELIZ Cinco De Mayo! Check out some of our favorite Authentic Mexican Recipes {along with a few Tex-Mex recipes} for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations: Don’t Forget! Teacher Appreciation Week is NEXT WEEK! Check out some of these awesome homemade gift ideas that you and your child can make for their teacher this weekend!  Mother’s […]

15 Amazing Mexican Recipes {Authentic & Tex-Mex}

As I’ve shared before my husband and I are crazy about Mexican food; the real authentic Mexican recipes! There are a few ‘American-Mexican’ recipes we love but typically we are creating recipes that we’ve fallen in love with as we spent a few Summers living in Mexico as newlyweds working with some of our missionary […]

Abuelita’s Frozen Hot Chocolate

Abuelita’s (meaning “grandma” in Spanish) is a popular brand for a cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate drink in Mexico. Many Mexican’s also use Abuelita’s in all types of dishes from enchiladas, various soups, to mole. My favorite thing to use this delicious spiced chocolate for is to make Frozen Hot Chocolate. We introduced our sons to this […]

Mexican Chilaquiles

One of my all-time favorite Mexican dishes has to be Chilaquiles (Chee-lah-KEE-less). I love fresh tomatillo salsa with the corn chips, grilled chicken, and fresh cheese. I have been compiling many of my favorite authentic Mexican recipes to share as Cinco de Mayo draws near and was SO excited when I saw a Chilaquiles recipe […]

Tomatillo Salsa

This is a fantastic recipe for a homemade Salsa Verde (green salsa), also known as Tomatillo Salsa. I love the fresh flavor this salsa adds to enchiladas, chiliquiles, and even plain with a few tortilla chips. Having lived about 30 minutes from Mexico my husband and I spent many date nights (B.K. “before kids”) eating […]