A Little Messy Fun: #1 Yogurt Painting/Writing

Ok, moms…this is a category full of activities for those days you are feeling a little EXTRA brave! Materials: yogurt, cookie sheet, paint brushes, pretzel sticks, goldfish crackers, A BATH TUB 😉 Yogurt Painting/Writing :  1. Before beginning, pull your yogurt out of the refrigerator to allow it time to warm up a little. Cold […]

Vertical Writing & Activities: #3 Painting & the Window

Materials: washable paints (would parents of small kids buy anything else ;)), paint brushes, large paper, tape, paper plate, wet wipes Directions for Painting AT the Window: 1. Tape the paper onto the window (or sliding glass patio doors would be great too). 2. Place an old sheet or newspaper on the floor under the […]