Beginner Swimming Techniques: Lesson 4

Underwater Breathing Techniques: Once your child is able to swim a few feet with the Front Crawl/Freestyle stroke combining both their arms and legs and on their own, you are ready to begin introducing them to Beginner Underwater Breathing. Present this as a ‘secret key’ to helping them swim further; swimming with your face in […]

Beginner Swimming Techniques: Lesson 3

How’s the swimming coming? Don’t feel that you need to keep up with each weekly post in the Teach Your Child to Swim-Summer Series, but rather move at the rate of your child’s progress. Some skills will come almost instantly, while others may take all summer to learn. Our hope is that your children are […]

Beginner Swimming Techniques: Week 2

Last week, in Beginner Swimming Techniques: Week 1, we covered properly entering the pool and kicking. This week, in Beginner Swimming Techniques: Week 2, we want to add arms to develop the Front Crawl/Free Style Stroke; the first stroke we recommend teaching your beginner swimmer. We will also introduce Floating; a life saving skill that […]

Beginner Swimming Techniques: Lesson 1

The next few weeks, we will begin to equip you with the tools you need to teach your child specific beginning swimmer skills. We will begin with very basic skills and progress to more difficult skills over the next few weeks. Remember that most skills need to be taught and then revisited several times before they […]

Teach Your ‘Water Baby’ to Swim

One of the things I anticipated about having children was having the exciting privilege to teach them to swim. So, our first son entered the water (pool/ocean) from about one month old; our second entered around 4-5 months because he was born in December. You will notice that my husband is in many pictures teaching […]

Teach Your Child to Swim-Summer Series

Beginning this Memorial Day, May 28th, Cheerios and Lattes will be kicking off it’s Teach Your Child to Swim-Summer Series! The Summer Swim Series will be co-authored by Mackenzie (the mom of the Cheerios and Lattes family) and her long-time friend and lifeguarding/swim lesson instructor, Chrissy. Mackenzie has experience as a lifeguard for over five […]