Ocean Themed Sensory Tub & Activities

After a day trip to the beach, my little guys were captivated by the ocean! Big Brother was asking all sorts of questions about animals that lived in shells and what they ate, and where their homes were. So,later in the week, during their afternoon nap, I set up a ‘surprise’ Ocean Themed Sensory Bin. […]

Gross Motor Skill Activities (36-48 months)

(36-48 months) Sports Skills  Basketball- Teach your child to throw the ball into a basket (or a box) underhand and overhand. This will help develop their arm control and improve their arm strength. Soccer- Work with your child to kick the ball into the goal (or a box). Have them play “goalie” as you lightly […]

Marble Painting

Thank you to Kate at cheapcraftymama.com for this great idea! My son had a blast with this activity! It was a beautiful day so we decided to do some Marble Painting outside, however this would also be a great rainy day idea! Our neighbor kids came by as we were finishing and asked if they […]

Gross Motor Skill Acitivities (12-24 months)

Gross Motor Skill Activities (12-24 months) Make available toys or items that your child can push around, helping them to improve their balance and walking skills. When taking a walk with a stroller, have your child practice pushing the stroller in a grassy area, rather than riding. This activity will improve their body control specifically […]

A Little Messy Fun: #1 Yogurt Painting/Writing

Ok, moms…this is a category full of activities for those days you are feeling a little EXTRA brave! Materials: yogurt, cookie sheet, paint brushes, pretzel sticks, goldfish crackers, A BATH TUB 😉 Yogurt Painting/Writing :  1. Before beginning, pull your yogurt out of the refrigerator to allow it time to warm up a little. Cold […]

Make Your Own Potato Stamps

You and your kids will have a blast with this quick, inexpensive, craft idea! It is a great activity for any time of year and can be used to make gift wrap for any holiday! Materials: potato, cookie cutters, paper, paint, paper plate Directions: 1. Cut a potato in half. 2. Insert a cookie cutter […]

Car Tunnel Races (with cardboard tubes)

First marbles, now cars! We have a lot of cardboard tubes, so we’ve been at it again this time making racing tubes for Hot Wheels cars. We usually decorate the tubes but my little man was SO excited to race them that he “didn’t have time.” That will have to come later! Car Tunnel Race […]

Vertical Writing & Activities: #3 Painting & the Window

Materials: washable paints (would parents of small kids buy anything else ;)), paint brushes, large paper, tape, paper plate, wet wipes Directions for Painting AT the Window: 1. Tape the paper onto the window (or sliding glass patio doors would be great too). 2. Place an old sheet or newspaper on the floor under the […]

Vertical Writing & Activities: #2 Bath Tub & Shaving Cream

My kids (and my husband) had a blast with this one! Materials: bath tub, shaving cream Bath Tub & Shaving Cream Ideas:  Have the children spread it on the bath tub walls: 1. Bath Tub Pictionary: One person draws a picture and the other(s) guess what it is. Note-If the person drawing is under 3 […]

Fine Motor Skills- #3 Pom-Pom Balls & Ice Cube Trays

Materials: Ice Cube Trays (any would work; the ones shown are from Ikea), Pom-pom balls (local craft store), Tweezers/Small kitchen tongs, Pom-Pom Balls and Ice Cube Tray Ideas:  1. Sorting by colors 2. Placing a certain number of pom-pom balls into each hole 3. Using tweezers or any small kitchen tongs to pick up the […]